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New Stand at LIT Music Festival


Our new stand (thanks to Dave of Leading Signs Limerick) is up and ready for the LIT Music Festival here at the Millennium Theatre.
Closing date for entries is in 5days on March 6th so it’s all go here in LFF HQ.


Call for Entries 2015!


Awards Screen

Hello Everyone,

Everyone here at HQ in Limerick Institute of Technology is delighted to announce the dates for the 6th Limerick Film Festival as well as the Call for Entries into the annual Short Film Awards 2015.

As always we strive to keep the ethos of the festival focused on the film makers in all the disciplines and 2015 will be no different. While our team is working hard on the schedule of events for the programme we would like to put out the ‘CALL FOR ENTRIES’ for short films from local, national and international film makers.

The Entry Form and Articles for Submission are available form the ENTRY FORMS page on the website.

 April 23rd to 25th 2015 will be the festival dates with the festival finishing on Saturday evening, 25th April, with the annual Short Film Awards Show at the Millennium Theatre, Limerick Institute of Technology, Moylish, Limerick.

Once again we are delighted to be back and its all possible with the help of our sponsors and partners: LIT, Limerick City of Culture 2014, Whelan Cameras, Canon, Peli Ireland, The George Boutique Hotel, Behind the Scenes, Tyrell:CCT and Si-Fi.

More news and information on the festival programme as well as a few surprises in the weeks and months to come.

Looking forward to receiving your short films and seeing our friends and making new ones at the festival in 2015.


2015 Dates and Call For Entries to be announced!

LFF Logo Banner


Millennium Theatre, Limerick Institute of Technology. Home of the Limerick Film Festival.

Hi everyone,

We are back and working hard on the details for the Call for Entries of the 2015 Short Film Awards for the 6th Annual Limerick Film Festival.

We are also finalizing the dates for the festival with our home venue, The Millennium Theatre at LIT and will be posting here on the website early next week.

Keep an eye on the twitter account (@limerickfilm) and the facebook page for additional info as it happens.

Looking forward to receiving new films from our returning film makers as well as new first time entries representing Local, National and International Film Makers.

More soon.



The Enigma of Frank Ryan

The Enigma Of Frank Ryan14

A special screening of the feature length film, ‘The Enigma of Frank Ryan’ will take place on Thursday 10th of April at the Millennium Theatre for the Limerick Film Festival.

Also there will be a Q&A discussion with Director, Writer & Producer; Professor Desmond Bell along with Dr. Fearghal McGarry.


Frank Ryan’s life (born Limerick 1902, died Dresden 1944) remains an enigma.  The teenage IRA volunteer, dissident republican and Spanish International Brigade volunteer ended his life working for the Nazis in wartime Berlin.  Ryan’s story continues to cast a dark spell over Irish political life raising as it does  questions about Ireland’s position in the second world war and the tainted record of the IRA.   Our film employs the imaginative resources of the creative documentary to explore a human story of truly tragic proportions.   From an appartment in war ravaged Berlin Ryan reflects on his life sharing his story with a young radio producer Hans Hartman. Hartman has a particular interest in matters Irish and hopes that Ryan will assist in broadcasting propoganda by the Nazis to Ireland .

Ryan had been smuggled out of a Spanish jail by German Military Intelligence in a deal with Franco.  He was spirited to Berlin where it was hoped he would  travel back to Ireland together with Sean Russell the head of the IRA.  ‘Operation Dove’ aimed to conduct insurrectional activity against the British led by the IRA.   “My enemy’s enemy is my friend” Ryan’s Nazi handler Veesenmayer declares quoting the old Republican adage.   However after the failed attempt to return to Ireland by U Boat Ryan becomes trapped  in Berlin and the relationship between  himself and Hartman and Veesenmeyer takes on a cat and mouse character.  As Ryan become more familiar with the Nazi state the contradiction between his political  beliefs and  his  favoured status in Berlin comes to haunt him.

The Enigma Of Frank Ryan35

The time for the screening has yet to be decided but will be published in our forth coming Festival Programme.

For more information and clips from the Film Click HERE.


Limerick Festival Guidelines 2013


LIT Film Festival heads towards The Summit

See the following write up which high lights the Canon Masterclass on Saturday at 12pm. We are delighted to welcome Director Nick Ryan and DOP Steve O’Reily of the Motion Picture ‘The Summit’ which details the events that led to the tragic deaths on K2. Local Climber Ger McDonnell, was one of those who lost his life on that day which gives this Masterclass a special meaning and connection with Limerick.

Article HERE