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Plans a-foot for 6th Richard Harris International Film Festival 2018


Limerick Post 4th August 2018


Richard Harris Winners

Hi Guys,

After a successful first Awards Show production for the Richard Harris Film Festival we have time now to say a big thank you to some of the team who made it possible, namely:

Gerard Meagher for the Staging and Lighting.

Art O’Laoire for the sound design and streaming setup.

The 3rd Year students of the Creative Broadcast & Film Production Programme, LIT (pictured)

Nora NíFhlatharta for the animations.

Vera Knowles McGuire for the Voice over of the VT inserts.

Patrick Hogan as the Host (who was absolutely great again) 

And finally, Simon McGuire for putting the show together.

Congratulations to all the winning films. Below is a full list. Also the awards show will be available to watch back again on the RHIFF VOD site. For more info click HERE

Short Doc on the 2015 Festival

A Short documentary produced by some students of the Video and Sound Technology Programme at LIT.

Looking forward to more of the same in 2016

Film Limerick Trilogy Nears Completion.

Simon Profile Pic B&W-1

Film Limerick Trilogy Editor, Simon McGuire at the Avid Edit Suite in Limerick Institute of Technology

The post team are in the final stages of the Offline cut of the Film Limerick Trilogy. The short films, The Apparel, Day Off and Date:Time are now being spotted by the music composers and the final preparations for the delivery to the online and sound mixing team will take place in the coming weeks.

In what has been an ambitious project, realised by Film Limerick Project manager, Ronan Cassidy, and Irish writer and Director Gerry Stembridge, the trilogy of films has brought together both professional and aspiring film makers in Limerick to create a film cultural legacy that will hopefully continue for many years to come.

Film Limerick Project Mananger, Ronan Cassidy and Gerry Stembridge

Film Limerick Project Mananger, Ronan Cassidy and Gerry Stembridge

As editor on the three films, Simon McGuire (Limerick Film Festival Director) has had the opportunity not only to work with three new directors and experience their vision for the stories but has also had the opportunity to train in three assistant editors and give them a practical and first person view of the craft of editing, here at the facilities of Limerick Institute of Technology.

Maeve Humphreys, Patryk Czekalski and Mark Griffin have all worked on scenes for the films as well as give their interpretation and input to the ideas of the films. Similar training opportunities were given on set by Gerry, Ronan and the DOP Paddy Jordan to the different production departments, giving this project its unique selling point for future investment. In some cases the trainees have had other opportunities to work on professional productions around the country which in turn cements the early success of the Film Limerick Trilogy before its even been completed.

Cast and Crew of The Apparel

Cast and Crew of The Apparel

As the online post production, grading and sound mixing are nearing, there is a sense of anticipation for the premiere screening of these films by the cast and crew. Also with the impending new academic year in the third level institutions such as Limerick Institute of Technology and Limerick College of Further Education, it is hoped that current and incoming students take advantage of the possible future opportunities that may arise from the back of this project.

Details of the premiere of the trilogy will be made on the Behind the Scenes website HERE.

film-limerick-770x300        Behind The Scenes                             Limerick 2020 Logo

Put Your Imagination on Screen


Thanks to Stephen Hall for producing this for the festival.

Check Stephen’s website HERE.

Limerick School of Acting Guest Talk


As a special guest, Limerick School of Acting and local actor Nigel Mercier, gave an insightful and interesting talk on the advantages of hiring actors for your short films. Speaking at the Millennium Theatre and in conjunction with the Limerick Film Festival, Nigel spoke with students on the processes of looking for and casting the right actors for short film.

Nigel is a regular attendee of the Limerick Film Festival and has starred in several of the nominated short films for the Awards show in recent years, as well as big television shows such as LOVE/HATE.

More information on the Limerick School of Acting can be found on their website HERE.



2015 Dates and Call For Entries to be announced!

LFF Logo Banner


Millennium Theatre, Limerick Institute of Technology. Home of the Limerick Film Festival.

Hi everyone,

We are back and working hard on the details for the Call for Entries of the 2015 Short Film Awards for the 6th Annual Limerick Film Festival.

We are also finalizing the dates for the festival with our home venue, The Millennium Theatre at LIT and will be posting here on the website early next week.

Keep an eye on the twitter account (@limerickfilm) and the facebook page for additional info as it happens.

Looking forward to receiving new films from our returning film makers as well as new first time entries representing Local, National and International Film Makers.

More soon.