Thursday 14th April

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Thursday 14th April



11am MillenniumThreatre

Interactive Audio/Video Installations


Visitors to the Limerick Film Festival will once again be treated to a public display of interactive audio/video installations by 4th year LIT students from both the Music Production and the Audio & Video Production programmes. Directed by Dr. Flaithri Neff, these installations form a significant part of the students’ project-work. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with high-tech sonic-art pieces through the use of Leap Motion 3D Controllers, Xbox Kinects, iPhones/iPads, Interactive Webcams, an array of sensor hardware and much more.

To continue the legacy of Limerick’s title of National City of Culture, the event will also showcase the students’ use of video to demonstrate their perception of Limerick’s culture. From poetry to music to graffiti art, the exhibition of 17 short films, under the guidance of Liam MacCárthaigh, will each uniquely describe an aspect of culture associated with the city.


2pm MillenniumThreatre

Guest Speaker- Dave Keary


As a professional musician for over twenty five years, David Keary has established himself as one Ireland’s most foremost guitarists and musicians (working with Van Morrison, Gregory Porter, Bobby Womack as well as many, many others). David is involved in many projects including running a successful studio in Limerick. Delving into his vast knowledge and experiences we have asked David to join us today to look at the visual arts in the music industry to discuss his work scoring for film, television and commercial jingles for radio and television.


4pm Millennium Theatre

Short List Screening 1




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