‘Amber’ Writer and Co Creator to speak at Festival

The writer and co-creator of the acclaimed four-part television drama series, Amber, will be a special guest speaker on Saturday April 12th at the The Daghdha Space (St John’s Church), Johns Square at 12pm.

Rob Calwey’s career began as a comedy writer in the 90s and he has penned hit comedies for Irish broadcaster RTE and Australian broadcaster SBS among others. Over the past number of years he has also directed high profile documentaries, which in turn has broadened his skills as a writer. Credits include RESCUE 117 and RESCUE 115 (documentary series about search and rescue helicopter crews). As well as TV and Film he has also worked as a scriptwriter in the computer gaming industry, creating interactive narratives and characters for teenagers on Nintendo, PC and Apple platforms. Rob is the co-owner of Screenworks Ltd – a TV and film Production Company based in Dublin, Ireland. He lectures in screenwriting and TV production in Dublin City University.


Most recently his drama series Amber was a huge ratings and critical hit on RTE TV. It is also to broadcast on BBC4 later in 2014. He is represented in the UK by Hannah Thornton of United Agents and managed in USA by Ari Lubet of 3Arts Entertainment.

Rob will hold a Q & A about development production and broadcast of Amber – and also a general chat about the business of screenwriting.

Further details on this and the other scheduled events for this years festival will be launched at the George Boutique Hotel, on March 24th at 12pm.


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