Limerick Spring & Limerick Film Festival

The Limerick Spring Festival of Politics and Ideas in association with Limerick Film Festival presents the Limerick Premiere of ‘Peripheral Vision’ (2013, Ireland).

Since 2008 Ireland has become a by-word internationally for political passivity & resignation. However, in reality, small groups have attempted to mobilize the public against the bank bailouts & austerity.  This documentary, filmed over 12 months by award-winning  director Donnacha Ó Briain, chronicles the experiences of some of this small group – those who took a stand during one of the most momentous periods in Irish history.

Award-winning director and producer, Donnacha Ó Briain (Chavez: Inside The Coup, 2001) who will join us for a post-screening discussion.

The film follows the fortunes of some key grassroots initiatives launched by civil society during 2011/12: including the Dublin-based Spectacle of Defiance & Hope with its French Revolution-inspired ‘Books of Grievance’; and the dogged villagers of Ballyhea in North Cork , who started a weekly march against the bondholder payouts in 2011, only to end up at the doors of the ECB in Frankfurt. Filmed in raw cinema verité , the film charts with immediacy the realities and frustrations of those trying to build a social movement in Ireland during an age of political indifference and passivity.

About the Director

Donnacha Ó Briain is an award winning director from Dublin.  Since 1997 he has directed critically acclaimed documentaries which have been broadcast on RTE, TG4, BBC, National Geographic, ARTE(France), ZDF (Germany) and Al-Jazeera. Among them is the documentary “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” about the 2002 attempted coup against Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez  which won over twenty international prizes including The Silver Hugo Award (Chicago), the International Documentary Award, and the prestigious Grierson Award for Best International Documentary

The Screening will take place at 69 O;Connell Street on Saturday 12th of April. The showing time will be announced in our forthcoming programme in March.

Limerick Festival Guidelines 2013

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