Special Screening – The Missing Scarf


We are delighted to announce that the Oscar Qualifier Short Film, The Missing Scarf, will have a premier special screening at the 5th Limerick Film Festival in April 2014.

Albert the Squirrel makes a startling discovery … an empty space where once his favourite scarf lay. He heads off into the forest only to find everyone else is preoccupied with worries of their own. He helps who he can before moving on but never seems to get any closer to his goal. Ultimately, Albert’s problem is put in perspective by the friends he helped and the problems they faced and overcame together.

Eoin Duffy, (Dir.), George Takei (nar.) & Jamie Hogan (Prod.)

Directed by Eoin Duffy, Produced by Jamie Hogan and Narrated by George Takei, The Missing Scarf has won awards at numourous festivals including: Galway International Film Fleadh,Los Angeles International Short Film Festival and New Hampshire Film Festival.

My first short-film, On Departure, and then The Missing Scarf were created back to back. Both were centred around the same event, a recent death in my family. The first was an emotional display of the event; while the second The Missing Scarf dealt with the aftermath. Primarily the seemingly amplification of everyday fears – fear of the unknown, failure, rejection and finally death. The film’s script mirrors my internal debate on the subject – comparing the pros and cons of each, allowing the audience to draw their own conclusions.

– Eoin Duffy


Eoin Duffy, Director

Along with the screening and subject to availability, a special Q&A session with the Producer Jamie Hogan will also take place.

Jamie is a communication designer based out of Ireland. In addition to design he has also worked in the audio industry with recording and music production. He now contributes as a freelance storyboard designer, concept developer, script writer/editor and producer in the advertising and marketing industry. The Missing Scarf is Jamie’s first animated short where he has taken on the role of producer.

Eoin Duffy (dir.) and Jamie Hogan (Prod.)

Eoin Duffy (dir.) and Jamie Hogan (Prod.)

Confirmation of the venue and the date for the screening will be posted soon but for now please enjoy the trailer of the film below and we look forward to greeting Jamie, The Missing Scarf and you the audience to an event that must not be missed.

More soon.


Limerick Film Festival Director.

Click Albert the Squirrel for the film trailer and website.

Albert the Squirrel

Albert the Squirrel


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