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IFTN Limerick Film Festival Schedule Revealed



Article published April 9th 2016 by Limerick Post

Limerick Post 9th April 2016


Article Published in the Limerick Leader 2nd April 2015

Limerick Leader April 2015




Article Printed in Tuesdays (25th March 2014) Limerick Chronicle.

Chronicle 25-3-2014 b


Article in Tuesdays (7th Jan 2014) Limerick Chronicle

Limerick Chronicle 7th Jan 2014


Article in Tuesdays (31st Dec) Limerick Chronicle

Limerick Chronicle December 31st

Article in Tuesdays (5 Nov) Limerick Chronicle

  • by Alan Owens

Article Link HERE


Limerick Leader April 4th 2013

Limerick Leader 4 April 2013

Limerick Post April 2013

Limerick Post 4 April 2013




Limerick Chronicle April 2013

ilct-02-04-13-036-ilct ilct-02-04-13-037-ilct

RTE Lyric fm rectangular shape


Movie News from April 4th 2015

Click Here to listen


Movie News from April 5th 2014



Wired FM

Wired FM Interview in March 2013

iTalk 18 April 2012 – Simon McGuire LIT Film Festival 2012

Click Here for iMix Interview

Spin Cinema – Spin SouthWest

Click Here for podcasts

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