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For our January event we will be having an online discussion.

Topic: Limerick as a Film-making Hub.

When: The discussion will take place on Monday 26th January 2015 at 8:30pm -9:30pm.

Where: Online – via our facebook page.

Who: Who is it for – Anyone with an interest in developing film in Limerick.

How: How can I get involved – Join us on Monday on our facebook page join the conversion

N.B. This is a unique event and will not replace our face-to-face gatherings.

(Taken form Behind the Scenes Website HERE)

Limerick School of Acting Guest Talk


As a special guest, Limerick School of Acting and local actor Nigel Mercier, gave an insightful and interesting talk on the advantages of hiring actors for your short films. Speaking at the Millennium Theatre and in conjunction with the Limerick Film Festival, Nigel spoke with students on the processes of looking for and casting the right actors for short film.

Nigel is a regular attendee of the Limerick Film Festival and has starred in several of the nominated short films for the Awards show in recent years, as well as big television shows such as LOVE/HATE.

More information on the Limerick School of Acting can be found on their website HERE.



Call for Entries 2015

Awards Screen

Limerick Film has a strong future.

Feature article in this weekend’s Limerick Post by Rose Rushe.

Limerick Post Article 20th Dec 2014

Film Limerick Announce Bursary Winners

Film Limerick

Film Limerick

Taken from Behind The Scenes Website

Limerick City of Culture 2014 in partnership with Behind the Scenes has announced the two winners of the extremely competitive Film Limerick Scheme, who were selected from 131 applicants. The commissions have been awarded to:

  • Cashell Horgan of Babyjane Productions – The Clock Makers Doll
  • Liam O’Neill of Paradox Pictures – Lost and Found

Commenting on the commissions, Ronan Cassidy, Film Limerick Project Manager said ‘Film Limerick is a hugely important part of the legacy project for Limerick City of Culture. It has greatly increased awareness of the resources available to film makers in the city. The massive interest in the project will further the aim of Limerick City becoming a film production hub and a major source of employment in the region.

What is most encouraging about the initiative is the extraordinarily high standard in the applications we received. Only two projects could be selected but there is a great wealth of Irish writing talent and it is important to support and encourage this skill.

I would like to thank all the applicants and wish them every success in their future careers. I am looking forward to working with the successful teams in the coming months.’

The Clock Makers Doll, is set in a fictional world, home to the most unusual collection of automatas created. Here a clockmaker lives with his beloved wife who one day dies. Crazed with despair he decides to replace her by building a doll but fails to achieve the perfection he desires. With pressure on him to complete his task before time runs out, he soon realises that the key to the perfect woman is in her heart not her head. The director Cashell Horgan is a multi award winning filmmaker and has been an Oscar shortlist nominee. Filming is scheduled for early March.

Lost and Found, is the charming story of a resourceful young boy and his mother who are trying to come to terms with the recent death of his father.  The boy resorts to petnapping local animals and trading them in for rewards, in order to assist his struggling mother. The film will be directed by Liam O’Neill, who has an extensive track record as a screenwriter, director and producer.  This film is due to go into production February 16th 2015.

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Film Limerick Launches Training Project.

Film Limerick

Film Limerick

Film Limerick in conjunction with Behind the Scenes (Limerick Film Networking Group) have launched their Training Project. This ambitious idea will see a number of Limerick Cast and Crew have the opportunity to work with professional mentors to create three short films film in Limerick.

Details of the project can be found on the Behind the Scenes Website. Click HERE for more information.

More International Entries


More international entries to the 2015 Short Film Awards have been received including our first entry from Iran. If you have a short film you would like to enter then check out the entry form and articles of submission on the website. @limerickfilm

Awards Screen


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